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Air Con – Industrial

ARC licence number – AU54842 CLF Services have over 20 years of installation experience installing a wide range of commercial factory and industrial units with Air Conditioning across Greater Brisbane. Our technicians have the skills, experience and equipment to install every type of industrial grade air conditioning solution. We provide commercial air conditioning services to […]

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is used in commercial and residential buildings to ensure the safety of occupants. Buildings are required by law to have emergency and exit lighting, so that people can exit the building safely and easily in the event of an emergency. How do emergency lights work? Emergency lighting is connected to the building’s electrical […]

Would You Like to Know How to Become an Electrician?

Knowing how to become an electrician puts you in a career path with lots of income potential, fascinating work, and industry growth. Qualified electricians have lots of different things to do in their daily work with the chance to specialize in lots of various fields. You might wind up working for yourself, with a small […]

Aged Care Air Conditioning

ARC licence number – AU54842 Brisbane’s heat in the middle of summer can be pretty unbearable. For older adults, it can be worse because they have a relatively low tolerance to extreme temperatures. This is because elderly skin cannot produce as much sweat as younger skin to cool down the body. Besides staying cool in […]