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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is used in commercial and residential buildings to ensure the safety of occupants. Buildings are required by law to have emergency and exit lighting, so that people can exit the building safely and easily in the event of an emergency.

How do emergency lights work?

Emergency lighting is connected to the building’s electrical circuit, with a back up system often in place in the event of a power or energy failure. They also include a battery so that they can run independently of a building’s electrical system if there is a complete power failure. The lights illuminate the exit paths within the building, ensuring that the way to find an exit is obvious from any point within the building.

What is an emergency lighting system?

Emergency lights are installed based on a design that meets Australian regulations for safety. There are guidelines for the lights and signage that must be included within the design, based on the layout and size of the building, as well as the purpose of the building. The new light must be installed by a licensed electrician who understand and comply with the regulations. It is important to always use the highest quality lighting products and solutions, and your electrician can discuss how to schedule a maintenance plan for regular system testing to make sure your emergency lighting is foolproof.

Do emergency lights have to be on all the time?

Yes, the emergency and exit lights should be on all the time ensuring a safe exit at any time.

For emergency exit lighting in Australia, it is important to always choose an electrician with a high level of experience in design, installation and testing. Contact CLF Services for a free quote today on 1300 257 561.

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