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Why you should use security cameras at your home or business

Are you concerned about intruders entering your property? Or have you had a recent burglary and want to improve your security? Regardless of whether you are in an area with high crime rates or not, using security cameras will not only protect your home and your family, it will also give you peace of mind.

What are the kinds of security cameras available?

Security cameras are a simple yet effective way to protect your home. There are many options available depending on your needs and budget, as well as your preference for a wired or wireless solution.

Security cameras provide you with surveillance capabilities for the inside or outside of the building. They can feature high resolution, night vision capabilities as well as motion detection.

Some of the features of security cameras that you can choose from:

Wire-Free security cameras

Wire-Free security cameras offer an easy to install security solution that is completely wireless. These cameras are operated with long-life batteries which provides for an energy efficient solution that is also highly effective and flexible.

Wired security cameras

Wired security cameras are a comprehensive solution ideal for larger buildings or projects. The wired cameras are more complex to install than a wire-free alternative, so they do tend to take more time to install, however their reliability will often outweigh any delays from a longer installation.

Night vision

Night vision uses infrared light to light up objects and figures so you can see them in the dark.

Motion detection

Motion detection can use two different technologies. The first technology detects infrared energy, which is omitted by people and animals. The second technology detects a change in the pixels from the images within the camera, indicating that movement has taken place.

There are also a number of camera types, review our article on CCTV systems for more information on the three main types.

Choosing the best security camera for your home or business can be made easier by contacting CLF Services for advice and a quote based on your unique needs. We look forward to chatting to you.

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