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The Australia Electric Car Market

Electrical vehicle

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, more than three dozen EV models are currently available in Australia. Tesla, BMW, Porsche, Range Rovers, and Mercedes are only a few of the brands now arriving to Brisbane. The Queensland Government encourages this as part of its Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy they hope to achieve by 2050.

Importance of CLF Services

Every electric vehicle has different power requirements. Furthermore, not all of them use the same cables. Therefore, setup might require more time than property owners have for installation. Besides, setting up electrical vehicle charging stations at homes, businesses or industries may require professional assistance.

CLF offers a comprehensive selection of EV charging solutions. This includes installation of EV power sources that accept credit card payments and fit in smaller spaces. Some are set up to require payment, but other EV chargers will be available to users for free. This provides plenty of opportunities for companies who welcome their employees to drive EVs to work. It also will increase the convenience of EV driving to grocery stores, hotels, schools and more.

Having private EV charging stations also will supplement the ones already installed on public properties. After all, only a limited number of people can simultaneously use the electric power stations installed throughout the city.

EV Charging Stations Becoming a Necessity

Australian vehicle emissions have increased by more than 60 percent since 2005. However, the Queensland government wants to reverse that trend. They aspire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and part of this initiative involves supporting EV development for workers who travel the Queensland Electric Super Highway. By June 2021, 31 stations already exist, and plans for 18 more are in the works. Still, the public chargers might not meet needs of the people as demand for electric cars in AU increases.

To accommodate for new worldwide carbon emissions reduction regulations, manufacturers might even cease creating petrol vehicles. In fact, General Motors in the United States already has announced they may stop making gas-powered vehicles, so who is to say that other brands will not? In fact, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Jaguar and Ford and others from around the world reportedly say they will phase out gasoline cars.

Confirmation of the course that other international automobile producers will take is to be determined. However, evidence suggests that charging stations are becoming a necessity. If you would rather not use the EV portals offered by the public, you can request private charger installation on your property.

Customise charging station plans are offered that fit most building plans you have, and these portals are constructed with safety in mind. Talk to a CLF representative to learn more.

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