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Should I Upgrade to Central Air in My Old House or Not?

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Should I upgrade to central air in my old house? If your older home is lacking central AC, then adding it can help you improve your comfort and quality of life throughout the entire residence.

Retrofitting older homes is generally possible without impacting their character and structural integrity. That being said, it’s much easier to incorporate central air if your home already has forced-air heating, given how that same ductwork can be used for the air conditioning as well. These kinds of retrofits are obviously cheaper and quicker to implement.

Should your home not have any ductwork currently in place, then central AC installation is going to be more involved as a process. Someone will have to get inside the actual guts of your home to measure spaces for ductwork, cut out drywall and other spots, put the ducts in, and then finish off the access with vents in most rooms. Otherwise, your home won’t enjoy AC throughout the entire structure of your home.

One thing you need to be careful about is the overall system power that you have installed. Consulting industry professionals is a really smart move here, even before any physical labor or work is done. If you only have AC in one room right now, then it’s easily understandable to want it throughout your whole home. However, it’s not that simple.

You need to have just the right size of AC system put in. Too little, and your home won’t ever cool down. The system would work itself to death because it has too little power for too much of a task.

Going overboard is also a potential problem. An overpowered AC system can run up your electric bill needlessly. While it might cool down your home faster once it kicks in, it will also wind up kicking in more often. The start-up sequence of most air conditioners is when they face the most wear and tear and also spike power demand the most.

Have an industry expert come in and measure the volume of your overall home that needs cooling. From there, they can compute the total AC power you need so you don’t waste money and resources with something underpowered or overmatched.

If you do decide to have central air installed in your older home, then you’ll need industry professionals to take care of this for you. Contact [business name] for reputable technicians and contractors.

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