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Should I Have My Home’s Air Quality Tested?

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Pollutants, mould and mites can live in your home undetected. Leaving these unchecked can, over time, lead to health issues for you and your family.

Here are some pollutants to consider:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Have you ever put down new carpeting and noticed an odour that lingered for days or weeks.

That could be the smell of VOCs.

Countless items in your house produce VOCs, from cleansers to furnishings.

Even if you can’t smell VOCs, they’re found in most houses at “background” levels and may cause short-term health problems like nausea and dizziness. Long-term health implications are also conceivable with constant exposure.

While indoor air quality testing for a broad variety of VOCs may be ineffective owing to a lack of guidelines for interpreting the findings, it can still be used to identify hazardous VOCs like formaldehyde.

This carcinogenic VOC may be present in a variety of materials, including wood, textiles, cigarette smoke, and combustion machines. Knowing it is in the atmosphere in your home is critical in helping you to then eliminate it.

Carbon monoxide

Stoves, furnaces, wood burners, and fireplaces may all produce hazardous carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled but it can have damaging health effects if it builds up. Combustion may also release fine particles into the air, causing breathing difficulties.

Mould and microbes

There are a variety of biological pollutants to be concerned about, including fungus, mould, germs, and viruses, in addition to the previously mentioned chemical contaminants.

Humid air is ideal for these nefarious bacteria to thrive and proliferate.

That means you’ll have to be especially careful about controlling humidity and repairing any leaks in bathrooms and laundries.

Mould may produce a range of symptoms, including respiratory difficulties (particularly for individuals with asthma), as well as skin and eye inflammation.

Pest droppings

Other biological components that cause aromas and affect healthy well-being are the droppings from bugs and rodents. Termites, roaches, and rodents may leave behind feces that cause breathing problems, particularly in infants and seniors. The droppings don’t need to be seen in order to taint the air.

Indoor air monitoring may identify the presence of such pests, but a visual examination can also reveal the source of the issue.


What should you do when you discover you’re infested with bugs? In this instance, the remedy may create a new issue. Pesticides used to control insects and pests can impact the air quality.

Pesticides will almost certainly be detected via indoor air tests.

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