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What are Residual Current Devices?

Before we get to RCD testing, you need to understand the meaning of RCD devices. Typically, these are gadgets that monitor the amount of electricity that enters your property from the main distribution supply. You should keep in mind that some faults in your power electrical points could be coming from challenges outside your property. This is the reason all properties should have Residual current devices. 

As of 1st January 2019 it became law in Australia that in  all commercial and residential properties. All circuits up to and including 32 amps  must be fitted with an RCD (with a few minor exeptions)

The Process of RCD Testing

First, you ought to know that RCD testing should be done at least after every three months. Based on the website’s electrical knowledge, an effective RCD should respond within 40 milliseconds of an abnormal electrical flow. Usually, RCD testing requires professional equipment and knowledge, which is the primary reason you should seek our professional assistance.

RCD testing involves three types of tests.

• Operating Time Test
This test involves measuring the time that your RCD takes to react. The test is essential because it determines if your Residual Current Device is effective enough to keep you and your property safe. Note that the efficiency of your RCD depends on the time it takes to respond to power surge and other abnormalities.
• The Push-button Test
The push-button test is a simple exercise that ensures the RCD will react in the event of an earth leakage. This is a test that you can do on a daily basis but should you be uncertain, you ought to contact an electrical expert.
• Trip Time Test
This is a crucial test since it measures the exact time taken by an RCD to trip in the event of an electrical fault.

Why You Should Contact Clf Services for RCD Testing


People underestimate the dangers of electrical faults. RCD testing is not only about observing protocol but more of keeping you safe from electrical-related accidents in your home or commercial building.

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