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With another hot summer just around the corner, homeowners can save money on a range of appliances by connecting them to the particular type of electrical service. An economy tariff determines the way ones are charged for electricity usage, they may pay the same rate for all electricity usage, or they might be charged different rates depending on the time of day. So they must find the right tariff to suit the needs of their home.

Electrical tariffs are for encouraging the use of equipment during non-peak times and hence limiting the load on the electrical network. One way for homeowners to save on their electricity bills is to connect their pool pump to off-peak Tariff 33.

Why Everybody Needs Pool Tariff 33

Many homes have pools in the backyard for enjoying what the tropical climate offers but keeping them clean; a pool pump needs to be running for many hours each day. They are usually quite energy-intensive and with the increase in the price of power, switching to this electrical service will minimize this ongoing running cost of your pool.

Pool tariff 33 moves electricity away from peak demand times – which associates with an increase in electricity prices – in residential areas for a specific duration each day.

Homes can connect their pools running pumping, filtration and sanitation to Tariff 33 through a standard socket outlet that will ease switching, maintenance and repair. It’s important to note that the more energy-efficient their pool pumps, the less energy it will use and the more they can save on their electricity bills. Here are pumps one should consider:

  • Single-speed – the most affordable and simplest pumps available, yet they require a lot of energy for running at consistently high speeds
  • Dual speed or multi-speed – they can be set manually to run at different output levels, but running at lower rates requires less energy, and it may need it to run for a longer time.
  • Variable speed – these pumps can be set automatically to change their speed and deliver the most significant energy efficiency. However, replacing the variable speed pump to run on high speed continually will result in more electricity consumption.

One of our Brisbane electricians can install a PowerPoint that’s connected to an economy rate electricity meter. 

Benefits of Pool Tariff 33

Pool owners can reduce their pool running costs by having one of our licensed Brisbane electricians connect their pool filter and pump to an economy tariff – pool tariff 33.

Pool filtration systems connected to Tariff 33 get typical savings of approximately $600 a year depending on the pump size and filtration settings.

Tariff 33 offers significantly cheaper power; still, supply gets limited to a minimum of 18 hours a day. Homeowners’ times of supply will depend on their distributors’ discretion, but the restricted general supply around residential network peak times are 6 am-9 am and 4 pm-8 pm. It leaves them plenty of time to run their pool pump and hot water system outside for this duration.

Start saving energy and money with Pool Tariff 33

Homeowners get a shock electricity bill, and they don’t understand why. It’s because they leave their pools running every day. The cost of running a pool not only comes from the cost of water but also pool appliances are hungry energy and electricity consumers. So connecting one’s pool pump to off-peak tariff 33 will significantly reduce their electricity bills.

Any homeowner in need of fixing their pools with tariff 33? Contact CLF Services today for an economy tariff connection.

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