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How essential is air conditioning in Brisbane homes?

In Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate, summer can get uncomfortably muggy and humid, with temperatures sometimes soaring to 40 degrees and beyond. This weather makes it essential for Brisbane homes to have air conditioning installed and critical for businesses to keep employees productive and comfortable in their work environment.

There are several types of air conditioners, and each type serves a purpose so it is also important for you to know which product is right for you.

We’ve made a list here to help you identify and make it easier for you to decide on which air conditioning system to get.

  1. Split system air conditioning – A split type air conditioner has several advantages such as flexibility in its installation locations. The indoor portion of a split type air conditioner can be mounted anywhere along the wall, it is quiet and scalable. It is called “split type” because the components are split into two individual units, the compressor components are for outdoor and the compressor component is what you install indoor.
  2. Ducted air conditioning – Air conditioning that is ducted into the ceiling to offer air conditioning throughout the home, with the ventilation being passed outside.
  3. Portable air conditioning – Portable air conditioners are free-standing units that can be moved from room to room, simply needing to be plugged into power and with the vent being passed through a window.

If you are interested in the split system or ducted air conditioning, is essential that you enlist a local team of electricians to properly install and maintain the system. Contact CLF Services to have air conditioning installed, maintained or repaired today.

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