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If you are looking to renovate your home or are building a house from scratch, house wiring will be one very important task that you will need a professional electrician to deliver for you, to ensure you have safe, reliable lighting and power in your home.

How do you wire a house for electricity?

Electrical wiring is at the core of all electrical work undertaken for a home or business and by law must be undertaken by a licensed electrician. It requires planning and an experienced team to assess how the property’s wiring system should be designed to comply with the Australian Electrical Code and for the most effective outcome for your home.

For a new build, your electrical contractors will need the diagrams of your home from your architects or builders, with detailed positioning of power points, light fittings, electrical appliances and any other electrical consideration that needs to be fitted into the home. These diagrams form the basis of the electrical plan.

Is red or black live or neutral?

This may be a common question for many of us, but for electricians this is standard practice.

Most homes in Australia use a single-phase 240volt system with three types of wires that are colour coded for compliance and safety. The active wires are coloured red, white or brown. The neutral wires are black or blue in colour. The earth wires are green or yellow and green striped. It is very important to leave wiring to the professionals as making a mistake could be hazardous.

House wiring involves installing the meter box from the local electrical authority and connecting this with a fuse box at the house. The electrical wiring for the home then connects to that fuse box. Your electrician will wire the home and use safety switches or circuit breakers in your fuse box which will activate if there is a fault or overloaded system to ensure your safety.

If you have extensive power requirements, such as pool or spa heating, you may need two or three phase power. Your electricians will discuss this with you when preparing the quote for the wiring project.

What are the phases of house wiring?

There are three phases for an electrician wiring a home.

Part one – Rough In

This is where the electricians will lay the wiring inside the framework of the new or renovated home, prior to the walls being completed, connecting the fuse box with the planned outlets. Extra wiring is allowed so that it can be connected to power points and other connection points once the walls are sealed. This is laid out based on the electrical diagram in the planning stage.

Part two – Fix Out

This is the stage where the electrical wire is connected to the power point and light fixtures. At this point you should check that you are happy with the placement and everything is aligned and centred.

Part three – Testing

This is the final stage where your electrical team will test that everything is working correctly and then hand over for testing by the building authorities, where a compliance test will be undertaken to make sure everything has been completed based on the industry codes.

Once this is done, your house will be wired and you will be ready to go!

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