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Does My AC Need an Air Filter?

Risks of HVAC system without air filter

The air filter is integral to the functioning of the AC system; it keeps the system clean, free from dust particles, smaller and larger debris. It keeps the evaporator coils and blower motor clean enabling them to function efficiently. Dirt and debris are the greatest cause of AC system breakdown. If your unit runs without an air filter, you should anticipate these problems:

Air quality issues

Running an air conditioner with no filters affects the indoor air quality. The effects of low-quality air can lead to respiratory complications, unpleasant smells, and the potential for difficulty breathing when sleeping at night. The dirt and the dust are sucked up and sent through the air vents in the house. The dirt is then suspended in the air until you inhale it.

Humidity and leaking challenges

The filter drains moisture and condensation from the system. Suppose it is clogged with dust and debris; it can no longer function effectively, resulting in water condensing on the tubing then dripping on the pan. The water can travel through the entire system, causing blockages and eventually leaks. The effect will result in higher humidity in the house, which can lead to mouldiness, damage of property, and even potentially asthma.

Ductwork challenges

As the debris settles in the system, it can travel to the ductwork and become trapped in the aluminum tubes. As the moisture builds up in the tubes and the ductwork, mould grows in the system. The mould spores will travel all over the house when released through the vents resulting in potential health complications.

Increased heating and cooling costs

As the debris settles on the home AC, the system will function less effectively. The system will be straining and require more energy to ensure a balance of air quality, heat, and humidity in the house. You will end up with higher bills and other indirect bills such as property damages and hospital costs.

You owe yourself and the family duty of care; you can fulfill this duty by ensuring the air filter is in place and running efficiently. If you suspect any of these challenges occurring in your house, contact CLF services for immediate servicing of your air conditioning unit.

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