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Do I Need an Electrician to Install a Light Fixture?

Do-it-yourself projects enable individuals to learn new skills and gain a sense of accomplishment. Many electrical tasks are however complex, so you will need a licensed professional. But what about relatively simple projects like installing a light fixture?

Changing light fixtures seems like a simple job. However, there are cases where homeowners have faced a series of problems after installing a fixture. One wrong process will cause an affordable job to be more costly. Additionally, it is risky to do the installation. Below are good reasons for hiring an expert for the job.

Electrical Jobs Require Licensure

People that do electrical work, including installing and changing electrical systems, need to have licenses. Installing a light fixture falls in this category; hence you need a licensed professional.

Wiring Knowledge

When installing the new light fixture, you should connect it to your home’s electrical system. Some connections may need the addition of new wires for the fixture to tap into the home’s wiring. Certified technicians know different wiring and can properly connect them for the fixture to function well. If an amateur makes the connection, there are risks of electrical fires.

Correct Wall or Ceiling Fixture Support

Light fixtures have varying weights, and you should consider them during installation. If you fail to do this, your wall or ceiling may collapse, causing damage and injuries.

CLF Services has highly skilled, licensed service providers with the skills and tools to prevent such issues. They will test the walls and ceilings to ensure they can support the fixture’s weight.

Special Hardware for Special Fixtures

Special fixtures require special components that homeowners do not have. On the other hand, electricians will have additional hardware components like mounts for such fixtures.

Proper Hanging Distance

Light fixtures should not hang too high or too low so that they can illuminate the area correctly. A reliable Brisbane electrician will have ultra-modern tools to measure the correct hanging distance. Proper hanging is fundamental in making the area accident-free.

Electricians Will Give you Warranty

Light fixtures have warranties, and the manufacturers recommend professionals to install them. If you install them, you will void the product’s warranty.

What’s more, licensed electricians offer clients a warranty for their services. In case of issues with the installed fixture, the warranty will protect you from added expenses.

Extra Insulation

Light fixtures may need specialised insulation. A skilled technician will determine if your home has sufficient insulation, and if it does not, they will install it first.

Homeowners in Brisbane can access our services at any time for their electrical needs. Whether it is installation, repair, or maintenance work, we will deliver top-notch quality services. Contact CLF Services today for a quote on installing a lighting fixture.

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