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Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Worn-out fan belt – Avoid expensive repairs with a faulty fan belt. As soon as you notice unusual sounds, call your local air conditioner specialist CLF Services immediately as this is an indication of a worn-out fan belt.
  • Warm air – A frozen evaporator coil causes warm air exiting vents instead of cool, refreshing air. This could mean that your commercial air conditioner has low refrigerant levels. This could also be an indication of a defective compressor.
  • Leaks – When water starts pooling around your commercial air conditioner, it typically means clogged drains. Air conditioners collect dust, debris, algae, insects and other air pollutants that may clog drains over the course of time, so look out for leakage from your air conditioning units or ducts.

It is more cost-efficient and less problematic to schedule annual professional air conditioner maintenance to keep your air con functioning well. This helps avoid emergency repair and services, as well as unexpected company expense.

Consult your commercial air conditioner’s manual and read up on its care guide. Most commercial air conditioners are programmable, so you can keep your thermostat to keep it running at just the right temperature and to avoid operating it at full speed for long periods of time. It also helps to keep the blinds closed when to ward off the hot sun from streaming in.

There are also maintenance measures that business owners can do themselves. Clean your commercial air conditioner’s air filters every three months. This helps increase the lifespan of your system as well as cut down on energy costs. Typically, the condenser is located outdoors where weeds, plants, trash and leaves may surround the unit. Clear these away and clean the funds with a soft broom to remove dust and debris.

CLF Services provides installation, maintenance and repair services of commercial air conditioners in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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