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Security services

Your family’s safety is extremely important, which is why it is crucial to install a custom security alarm system. Security cameras, alarms and motion detectors can work together to create an ideal security system for your home. The cost of installing a security system in a home will vary based on factors such as the […]

Security jobs

Security jobs offer fantastic scope for career development, with many employers looking to hire job seekers in the Brisbane area. Security is an area that is already being disrupted by new technologies, including smart homes and wifi connected security systems. This is not however creating issues with business operations, as these new technologies are simply […]

Security alarm

Security Alarm systems are a simple yet effective security solution. Alarm security systems can protect you, your home or business, by deterring intruders from entering your building. Home Alarm Systems There are a variety of home alarm systems available in Australia, and the appropriate choice for your home will depend on the size of your […]

Ring Doorbell

Ring is a home security and smart home company owned by Amazon that is at the cutting edge of home security devices including the renowned Ring Video Doorbells.  In a nutshell Ring Doorbells work in the following manner: > Detect motion when people come to your property > Receive notifications on your phone, tablet or PC > See, hear and […]

Outdoor security cameras

CLF Services are experts in the installation of outdoor security cameras for residential, commercial and industrial premises. We have been proudly servicing the Greater Brisbane region for over ten years installing a wide array of outdoor security cameras inclusive of both wired and wireless systems.  All CLF Services technicians have deep experience in designing, supplying […]

Our Services for Motion-Sensing Lighting

Residential and Commercial Lighting Keeping your residence safe is as important as beefing up security around your business premises. That is why we offer all motion-sensing services under one roof, whether it’s commercial or residential applications. Using one company for all your services allows you to track all your expenditures and enjoy a ton of […]

Motion Sensor Camera

Motion detection technology is increasingly becoming more popular across the surveillance industry. You can also bring this technology to your home camera and enhance security, especially during the night. However, be keen when choosing a motion sensor camera for your home. Outdated models rely on pixel changes, motion vectors, or even background modeling to detect […]

IP Cameras

IP Cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, deliver high quality surveillance via full HD video. Used indoors or outdoors, IP cameras feature significant range and very clear resolution. Data is stored in the cloud to minimise data storage requirements and to ensure that footage can be accessed 24/7 from wherever you are. These high technology security […]

Install Cocoon security cameras for total home security

There are many types of camera today, and each one has its own set of advantages. However, very few are easy to set up, provide subsound monitoring, cloud backup, and are inexpensive to install. The Cocoon security camera is unique as it offers these and other benefits. With it, you can spy over a room […]