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Can an Electrician Install Solar Panels?

Homeowners should consider adding solar systems to increase energy efficiency, particularly if they are looking to undergo renovations or home extensions. Solar panels convert heat energy from the sun to electricity. They are ideal for homes and businesses across the globe, but especially in Brisbane with the long summers and hot climate.

To reap the most benefits from the panels, you should find professional electricians to install them. Installation of solar panels is not an easy task. Electricians undergo intensive training on solar installation and are licensed to enable them to install them in many different types of building structures.

It is definitely not advised to attempt solar panel installation on your own. Solar panels are expensive, and if they are not installed correctly, they can be damaged or cause damage to your house. It can also be dangerous and should only be managed by licensed electricians.

Before installing the solar panels, the Brisbane electrician will evaluate the home’s electrical system and inspect the roof structure for stability. It is crucial to choose a Master electrician with a valid license for the job. They will have robust expertise to install, approve and interconnect panels to the power grid.

When you choose CLF Services, you can expect the job to be done by certified electrical technicians. CLF Services have the proper licenses and insurance to protect clients, workers, and the business from unexpected damage and liability.

Knowing the installation process will show you why professionals should install the panels. Here is the procedure:

  • Connect wiring between the power system and panel.
  • Attach racks to the roof to support the panels.
  • Install PV panels on the racking system.
  • Connect the inverter of the PV system to the electrical panel.
  • Install power meter to get credits for utility energy.

Although the process seems simple, it is possible to make plenty of electrical wiring and installation errors. As a result, it will lead to system failure or low performance, as well as the potential for injury.

Below are reasons why you need a certified electrician to install solar panels:

  • Electrical wiring is dangerous if not done correctly. An electrician will have extensive knowledge of electrical wiring and components to eliminate risks of danger.
  • An expert will sign off on the panels installed and certify that they have made the connection in adherence to electrical safety codes.
  • A skilled technician will ensure sound mechanical support for the solar system during installation.
  • A professional will have an in-depth understanding of earth and ground bonding theories. Therefore, they will ensure proper grounding of the PV system leading to safe operations.

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